Meet Team Vert

Welcome to our blog and website! We're two teachers, exploring the traits of introversion and extroversion --- and how schools can do a better job helping both succeed in the classroom.

 Susan and Johnny have been working together for many years. Their passion for learning and teaching is never ending. Besides being colleagues they are friends. Susan is our resident introvert, while Johnny is the resident extrovert. They both bring strengths to this team approach of looking at instruction through the lenses of both personality types.

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Susan Sprout Vincent

Twitter: @ssvincent

Susan is a quiet faculty member of Miami University's Regional campus in the Teacher Education Department. She is also a literacy coach for K-5 teachers and is a former Reading Recovery teacher leader and first grade classroom teacher.


Johnny Downey

Twitter: @johnnydowney

Johnny is an energetic and passionate Instructional Coach in the Forest Hills School District in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a former Reading Recovery/Reading Specialist as well as kindergarten and first grade classroom teacher.

Our Blog

The blog is the heart of our exploration as we look at instructional practices that may empower introverts and extroverts in the classroom.