It’s 1991, Johnny is a young 2nd grader who is learning away with the best of them. Being very social during silent reading time, the teacher must not have understood that silent reading in Johnny’s mind meant talking with friends. Susan was hired for her first job in Forest Hills as a 1st grade teacher at Sherwood Elementary. Little did they know, they would meet years later as colleagues and become the best of friends. Susan was the opposite of Johnny in her childhood. She spent her silent reading time doing just that— reading silently. Susan was a quiet reserved student and was very successful. She brings those same qualities into her role as a teacher, where she sits in staff meetings quietly soaking it all in, taking time to think thoroughly.


Fast forward to 2008 when Johnny finally is hired for his first teaching position. The setting is Mercer Elementary, Susan is currently the Reading Recovery Teacher Leader, who just happens to be housed in Mercer. This is where our introvert and extrovert are beginning to intertwine their lives even more. Call it fate, call it coincidence, they call it magic! The years go by, Johnny continued his path of being a classroom teacher, while Susan is the Reading Recovery Teacher Leader. In 2012 a few Reading Specialists in the building retire and Johnny and Susan post for their positions and are now true teammates at Mercer Elementary charged with the task of helping struggling readers. The very next year, 2013 Johnny is granted an absolutely amazing experience: Reading Recovery Training. Susan was his teacher leader and they we able to form an even deeper bond through the wise words of Marie Clay herself.


Currently, Susan and Johnny do not work in the same buildings, or even district. Susan has gone on to work at Miami University’s satellite campus in Hamilton, Ohio. Johnny is an instructional coach at Ayer Elementary in the Forest Hills School district. You can catch them hanging at their local Panera enjoying food, iced tea, and good conversation about instruction. When not at Panera, they are usually on Twitter chats adding to their PLNs. This is the start of the Introvert and Extrovert journey. While on a vacation in Disney World, this team, Team Vert, came up with the idea to begin a blog that would explore ways for Introverts and Extroverts to thrive and be empowered by their classroom teacher. Susan and Johnny have hopes that this adventure will help broaden the minds of educators who read our blog to view learning styles in a very different way.